There is a hidden story behind every human

This is an e-book with stories of 10 young people from six different countries. This handbook was written by attendants of Youth Exchange, who dedicated their time during last June, 2018 to explore various topics in the frame of our project Living libraries as a tool to eliminate extremism among youth.

What may catch your attention about these stories? All of them came to be during workshop called There is story behind every human, when our attendants tried to identify what obstacles they have overcome in their life or are still battling with and how that impacts their life. It was not an easy process. We helped ourselves with abstract pictures, background music and coaching questions.Each of our participants could decide if they want to share their stories and which topic they make their own.

Bullying, searching for home and safety, identifying with the roles in the society, questions of identity or accepting of one’s sexual orientation – these are the topics which were identified during the workshop by the attendants and they have found the courage to write about them.

The result of this effort are stories, which you can read on the following pages. Many of them will touch you deeply and will push you to think, because some of these young people never had the opportunity and option to share their deep story with someone else.

Whatever country we come from – whether its Slovakia, Spain, Latvia, Slovenia or Czech republic, many of us hold similar struggles. The only difference is, however, what point of view we take and how can these obstacles actually become a strength in our lives.

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E-book obsahuje príbehy v angličtine:

Robert: During my childhood I felt safe only when I was alone

Braňo: I am a gay and I am proud of my scars

Linda: What it is really like to be a mother with passion for great things

Adrian: If I allow the fear to swallow me, I will regret the things my whole life

Elina: When I was in Portugal for one year, I had one of the biggest revelations of my life

Dominika: About the life in two worlds and about the crisis of identity

Patricia: As I became independent

Claudia: Home is everywhere

Ivana: Wherewer I go, I search for my home

Daniel: I have experienced bullying and humiliation, I am learning to trust people again

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There is a hidden story behind every human

ISBN: 978-80-972422-9-9
Počet strán: 20
Vydané v auguste 2018