Listen, reflect, change!

We bring you our festival e-book „Stories to Insight“, where you will find selected stories of people we have met in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Each one is a unique testimony and a powerful tale of a human life, each one irreplaceable.

Often we walk the streets, meet in shops, attend events, but let‘s admit, we rarely know much about each other. We don‘t share our stories. Let this e-book inspire you to have the courage to ask and the patience to listen.

Perhaps you will find a bit of yourself in these stories or discover someone close to you. We would also be delighted if you decide to share your story with us.

We wish you a pleasant reading and all the best as you open the doors to the world of empathy.

Published with the support of: Erasmus+ and The Ministry of Education, Research, Development and Youth of the Slovak Republic

Vydané s podporou: Erasmus+ a Ministerstva školstva, výskumu, vývoja a mládeže Slovenskej republiky

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The e-book contains stories:


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Listen, reflect, change

Number of pages: 28
Published in March 2024